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than anything they have ever seen and that defeating the would require attacking state forces in syria. joins us now from washington, mike? >> david, more air strikes against islamic state group inside iorack, if not syria, will definitely not syria, at least that's not what they are saying at this point, politicking it to 90 now. these two are around the team trying to get some breathing room. the stated goal reare mains to protect american individuals in baghdad, and other locations, around iraq, and yet there seems to be an opening gap now between the rett are rick that they are using to vilify the islamic state group, in the wake of that twosome video, it is not a tough sell. and the stated and the means to get there. contrast that with what chuck said today, here is a sample. >> the president, the chairman and i are all very clear eyed about the challenges ahead. we are pursuing a lon term strategy against isil, because isil clearly poses a long term threat. >> we should expect isil to regroup, and stage new offenses. >> chuck hagel also saying that the islamic state group momentu
are hearing that isis has over 50,000 fighters in syria and is recruiting more by the day. lieutenant bill callan, good to see you. the president talked yesterday about building a coalition against isis. is there any evidence that he has done any work in doing that he meant. >> a great question. there is no evidence whatsoever. it's not only our middle eastern allies, but it's also all of europe and there are plenty of people here are threatened by isis and plenty of people that are carrying passports from these various countries that are threatened and yet the president is on the golf course. he hasn't done one thing to try to start building a coalition of countries. >> some. david: sometimes they have various fraternities that go beyond this. the intel agencies working together against them. >> very loosely right now because they have not been in power by their leadership to do it and so the al qaeda threat, and no other purpose is isys, the size besides the growth and the composition and its objection and who its members are and things like that. and we don't see by any means and we don
a failed operation to rescue captured americans in syr syria. are leaks like this jeopardy diesing future -- >> caution, i got a man curry, the factor begins right now. >> i'm greg gutfeld in for bill o'reilly. take a listen to some of what bill had to say. >> in 2012, the last stats available from the fbi, there were about 12 million arrests in the usa. that averages out to 34,000 arrests per day. in 99.9% of those cases, the perpetrator was not killed by police. in fact, just over 400 fatal police shootings a year are recorded in this country, according to to the fbi. so let me restate. 12 million arrests a year. 400 fatal shootings, many of them justified. and al sharpton has the nerve to insult the american police community, men and women risking their lives to protect us. this sharlton has the gal to do that and nbc news is paying him. my god, why is that acceptable? >> clearly someone needs a nap. joining us now with reaction, horace cooper, chairman of the group 21 national advisory board. and also from d.c., hillary shelton, the senior vice president for advocacy. hillary let me g
confirms and defends its effort to rescue americans in syria including photojournalist james foley. and as we now know, that rescue failed. special forces hit the ground in northern syria earlier this summer trying to rescue four american hostages. they believe that isis militants were holding those hostages at an oil refinery. but when they got there, the hostages were not there. >> isil is a sophisticated and well funded -- as any group that we have seen -- they're beyond just a terrorist group. >> isis posted a video tuesday of foley's beheading and threatened to kill another journalist. counter-terrorism experts say isis is using kidnappings to finance its operations. >>> unpack electronics, take off jewelry or that alarm goes off. what happens when items get left behind in the airport security line? >> plus, a police chase across the city and a stolen car. the search for the suspects. >> 80 degrees and sunshine for a party. it is a downtown street party in beautiful hayward. thousands of people will come out tonight. i'll have your forecast for here and the entire bay area rig
attempt in syria ealier this summer. >> reporter:and the extremist group isis threatened another hostage. u-s journalist. steven sotloff. saying that his fate is dependent on what president obama does next. >> pam: in israel. hamas is warning international airlines. to stay away from ben gurion airport in tel aviv. this comes after israeli airstrikes today, honed in on high- ranking members of the hamas military wing--- known as the "qassam brigades." >> pam: three commanders were killed in those airstrikes. >> pam: next. >> pam: are nick cannon and mariah carey. on the outs? the latest breakup rumors. seehis?it sws tup rumors. presre pnts my red,ac feet. i h no ue ias ptingthisind . i ve ft fe. i fou thiout theree drchols fo mapng cter. iness an t mines, i gomy ft maand cust numr. i'a 44 i'a 21 34 that numbematcd th drchols cuom f orttic sertwithust e rit pporto hp reeve ressn myeet. i'a beever go to drhollcom r catis ansave10 i'a beever 'til labor day you doto reward yourself.t get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. not to labor the point, but this sale en
refinery in the northern part of syria and engaged in a fire fight with islamic militants. according to "the new york times." where the hostages had been moved. we also learned that isis had attempted to extract ransom in exchange for foley. the group pressed the united states to provide a multimillion dollar ransom for his release according to a representative for his fame and former hostage held alongside him. the united states threfused to pay. the rans oorom demand was milli of dollars according to the "the wall street journal." joining me, someone who knows what it was like to be held by extremists. in 2008 while working as a reporter for "the new york times" in afghanistan, david rohd was held by the taliban before he escaped. he's now with "reuters." the first thing i want to hear, as someone who went through a horrible ordeal, not dissimilar from what fellow journalists have gone through here, what is your reaction to this? >> well, i mean, my heart goes out to the foleys. i've talked to them quite a bit, and i talked to jim foley somewhat. i won't say i was, you know, a very
-line reporter. this is some of the footage he shot. he'd worked in libya, iraq and syria. he captured wasn't just the heat of battle, but those humanity as often run through the most hostile of environments. children anden and makeshift bomb shelters. james foley was taken by held for syria and almost two years. ransom,ures demanded a sending an angry email last week saying he'd be killed unless were paid $18 million pounds. these prisoners were released after a ransom was made. american, it was more targeted by the kidnappers. of scapegoat.nd many countries do negotiate. what do they negotiate, i don't know. i don't know if it is money. i don't know if it is prisoner exchange and some countries like america that also like the u.k. do not negotiate. month, president obama ordered troops like these to try to rescue james foley and other hostages. sources say the commandos attacked an oil facility held by islamic state inside syria but the intelligence was flawed hostages weren't there. >> was this a failure of intelligence? no. is, as you all know, intelligence doesn't come a package with a
outside the city of roka in northern syria, a stronghold of is is. u.s. special forces were sent into danger because the intelligence showed the target was a likely location where the hostages were being held but it was not certain. the intelligence failed. >> intelligence doesn't come wrapped in a package with a bow. it is a mosaic of many pictures, of many factors. >> reporter: the mission was unprecedented. >> in ra situation where you're going into a country which is fraught with danger, which is potentially going into a city that's controlled by a nefarious and horrific force like isis, the risk levels go up considerably. >> reporter: it began under cover of darkness. several dozen elite commandos from units like army delta force and the navy s.e.a.l. team six landed in specially equipped radar helicopters. they quickly made their way to able where they were told james foley and other american hostages were being held. no one was there. a firefight broke out with nearby militants. several of those militants were killed. the u.s. team got back to their helicopters and left. t
assurances that federal investore gators all be allowed to syria, a spokeswoman offered ed no specifics. >> there will be a criminal investigation, as there always is when there is an american death overseas, and also ongoing intelligence community focus on this. to determine who may have been responsible. >> reporter: journalist, francois who was held with foley and released in april told french tv that the 40-year-old was singled out for beatings because he was an american whose brother served in the military, and recalling there was one cap or who had a british accent. >> british citizens have joined to fight the jihad in syria that is a very troubling number. >> reporter: part of the investigation, fbi is working with britain's mi5 to match the voice execution of the video, u.s. official said that american investigators are attempting to identify and then capture that executioner. lou: thank you, catherine herridge. we'll take up the eslam islamice threat and obama response talk with a former director of naitonal intelligence ambassador john negroponte in moments, turning to clashes
mission to rescue american hostages held in syria. jennifer griffin life at the white house with the latest. jennifer. >> greta, defense secretary chuck hagel told reporters at the pentagon he regretted the mission to rescue foley did not succeed, adding isis is a sophisticated and well funded as any terrorist the united states has ever seen. unusually strong words from the secretary of defense. he warned americans, to quote, get ready, without specifying what that meant. chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey said air strikes alone will not destroy isis and suggested action needed to be taken against isis targets in syria, though not necessarily he said by the united states. in terms of the failed rescue mission, u.s. military sources tell me the special operations team that attempted the rescue was on the ground longer than they expected. when they got to the first compound, the hostages weren't there. there was evidence they had been there just days before. they got into a firefight. one u.s. aviator was injured. the intelligence leads for the operation came
foley and other hostages in syria. >> the mission was executed flawlessly after a significant period of preparation, planning and rehearsal. and, it turned out the hostages were no longer at that location. >> intelligence doesn't come wrapped in a package with a bow. >> reporter: chuck hagel says it u.s. expects isis to regroup and stage a new offensive. >> we are staging a long term strategy against isil. >> reporter: there's an open criminal investigation into foley's murder. >> people will be held accountable, one way or the other. >> reporter: isis demanded a ransom of $130 million in exchange for foley's release. >> we do not make concessions to terrorists. we do not pay ransom. >> reporter: the ceo of global post, the news organization he was working for never took seriously the isis demands for payment. >> we did everything we could, as did the family. >> reporter: one of the main sources of isis funding is ransom payments. >> in 2014 alone, isis got in the millions of dollars. >> reporter: today, ominous words from secretary hagel. he said isis is as well funded and sophistic
and kill alongside those from the mideast region, syria, iraq and other countries who comprised a great number of isis zealots. one killer from the west is heard in the moment before he cut it is throat of american journalist james foley. we are going to play only a short poergs of the video to hear his british accent. >> this is james wright foley, an american citizen of your country. >> nobody who does that has loyalty to any land or value beyond the islamist for which he has a ready hand in atrocity. the man is thought to be the ring leader, referred to as the beetles who guarded many foreign hostages. according to the guardian he nicknamed himself john after john lennon. that person said the three british islamists were abusive, frequently beating prisoners. the challenge to the united states, how to deal with the building threat. do we treat isis as a criminal enterprise and look for individuals like are j. edgar hoover went looking for communists or do we use secretary kerry's word and crush the motley crew of them. is this a man hunt or war? bobby gosh is here from quartz. thanks
armies in syria and iraq already knew, isis is a force to be reckoned with. >> they're beyond just a terrorist group. they marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. >> reporter: and they force the pentagon to react. >> oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen. so we must prepare for everything. and the only way you do that is you take a cold steely hard look at it and get ready. >> reporter: it's not just on the battlefield, the isis pr machine is sophisticated. its technology up-to-date. videos to instill fear, a tweet taunting the president with a photo of an isis flag in the shadow of the white house. and most recently the video of james foley's execution on youtube prompting fear that fol foley's death is only the beginning. >> i don't think we've seen a significant threat to american security since the early days of 9/11. >> reporter: increasing -- the president developed a defiant tone. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. >> reporter: but after those remarks mr. obama went back to bal
, today, defended the failed special forces rescue attempt into syria on the july 4th weekend. >> the mission was executed flawlessly after significant period of planning and rehearsal. and it turned out the hostages were no longer at that location. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the secret, nighttime mission was launched with several dozen special operations troops, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters with surveillance drones overhead. some 15 i.s.i.s. fighters were believed to be killed. >> and the united states will not relent on our efforts to bring our citizens home and their captors to justice. >> reporter: the u.s. rescue mission was launched after it became clear that no negotiations were possible with the i.s.i.s. group, which had commanded a ransom of $130 million for the release of james foley. >> fbi didn't take it seriously. we didn't take it seriously. >> reporter: people involved in the process say i.s.i.s. hostages from france and other european countries held by i.s.i.s. were set free after ransom payments of about $2 million each, paid in cash each, delivere
to be at this camp inside an oil refinery in northern syria an area controlled by isis. two dozen special operation forces commandos dropped from black hawk helicopters outfittedfitted with stealth technology to avoid detection. with surveillance aircraft overhead the team swooped in to search for the hostages. they encountered isis militants and engaged in a firefight but the00s were gone. several isis fighters were killed. one american commando was injured. the rest were flown to safety. u.s. officials admit that the covert mission launched in early july, was based on good, but not great intelligence about the location of the00s. the u.s. government had been tracking the american hostages for months and was aware of ransom requests from isis. defense secretary chuck hagel told reporters the mission was launched because the00s' lives were thought to be in imminent danger. >> it's the responsibility of our government and our leaders to do all we can to take action when we believe there might be a good possibility, a good chance to make a rescue effort successful. >> reporter: hagel also issued a st
officials declared that the threat goes far beyond iraq and syria. all the developments on this story from washington, and this afternoon, deft secretary seems to make big news when he compared the capabilities to the history of al quaida. >> well, certainly, david, in the events over the last 48 hours the drewsome murder on video, there has been a uptick in the rhetoric, and certainly the question now becomes is the rhetoric matching the policy of the administration, and that is to protect lives in places like baghdad. as well as that humanitarian mission to drive the group back off that mountain side, where they beseemed that religious minority, and does the rhetoric match the air strikes themselves because the rhetoric is getting very hot, the islam mick group, has been justifiably vilified by the president on down over the course of the last couple of days but today we heard chuck hagel and the chief of staff, take it one step further, dempsey for his part says that isis can't be peaten until they are routed from syria, not just iraq, but syria. and chuck headachele took it a step furt
to radicalize and recruit individuals, just look in syria and iraq. you have a surge, 13,000 foreign fighters joining the ranks of jihadist organizations. these are not small numbers, but big numbers. obviously when you talk about foreign fighters, at least 3000 of which are westerners, that adds all whole new level of concern to our homeland and to the changing threat environment. these individuals are familiar with the country, speak the language, know the culture, and know everything about us. at some point many of these people return. that is something perhaps we do not feel the full effect of what it means right now, but two or three years from now i think you will see it manifest in very new and dangerous sorts of ways. if you were to look at the threat environment right now and try to understand the terrorism environment, it does come in various shapes, sizes, and forms, ranging from al qaeda senior leadership is still in business. how effective are they? i think that is the wrong set of questions, because i think what you are starting to see is conflation is many of the organizations
near an isis compound in eastern syria, in the town of raka, an isis strong hold. chuck hagel said he regretted the mission failed giving this assessment of foley's captors. >> they marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. they are tremendously well funded. this is beyond anything that we've seen. >> reporter: the american hostages were not at the compound when the special operations team arrived. they appeared to have been there days before. that's when the u.s. team after extracting information at the compound decided to look for the missing americans. they moved to a second compound where a fire fight ensued leaving several isis militants dead. one u.s. aviator suffered a non-life-threatening injury. >> this operation, by the way, was a flawless operation. but the hostages were not there. >> reporter: the marvged executioner was british. iraq's ambassador to the u.s. said he's one of 1,000 european ju hadists fighting with isis in iraq and syria. >> they are jihadists. others said before, this is a jihadist destination. >> reporter: european gove
back. >> woodruff: the raid targeted an islamic state site in northern syria earlier this summer, but found no sign of james foley or any other hostages. the fact is, as you all know, intelligence doesn't come wrapped in a package with a bow. >> woodruff: in a statement last night, the national security council said it never intended to disclose the operation. rather, it said, we only went public when it was clear a number of media outlets were preparing to report on the operation. the news leaked after the islamic state group posted a video titled "a message to america", showing foley being beheaded. today, attorney general eric holder announced the justice department is going after the killers. >> we have an open criminal investigation and those who would perpetrate such acts need to understand something: this justice department, the department of defense, this nation, we have long memories and our reach is very wide. we will not forget what happened and people will be held accountable one way or the other. >> woodruff: "the new york times" reported today the united states reje
month u.s. special operations forces in helicopters swarmed a compound in syria. they engaged in a fierce gun battle before they determined the hostages were not on site. hagual says the intelligence for such missions in his words doesn't come wrapped in a package with a bow. >>> before reporting in syria james foley was here in the district and had a journalism training program in a d.c. news room connected with northwestern university. chris gordon has more with how foley's death impacted the school. >> reporter: this is the medill news room. in 2007 james foley was a student here. professor ellen sheerer who teaches journalism and national security says foley was always special. >> jim was a magical student from beginning until end. he was very directed. he knew what he wanted. he had a passion for conflict reporting. >> reporter: james foley was a freelance foreign correspondent. he was captured in libya in 2011 and held 44 days. after his release he went to syria. here at the medill news room they learned that foley had been brutally murdered. >> i still can't quite belie
to free james foley and other hostages during a secret raid early -- earlier in syria this summer. the team of commandos battled islamic state militants, but did not find any hostages. it is the first confirmed use of u.s. ground troops in syria since the civil war began. "the new york times" reports the u.s. also refused to pay a multimillion dollar ransom for foley's release. james foley's parents spoke to reporters on wednesday after the u.s. government confirmed the validity of the video showing their son's beheading. diane foley said she is praying for the release of u.s. journalist steven sotloff, who is also shown in the video, as well as for peace. country,t believe our our great country -- he was a great american. he believed in the very best of our country. as a country we can come together and help there be peace on earth. i just pray for that. and we pray that somehow stephen and the others might be spared. >> it is unclear exactly how many american captives are being held by islamic militants in syria. sharif monster of the committee to protect journalists said over t
with james fully in syria. determined to stay optimistic, to keep his spirits and ours up. >> the united states says a andue mission to save foley other hostages this summer failed. that disclosure is the first time u.s. has revealed its troops have been fighting isis on the ground. barack obama urged a united effort against islamic extremism. >> the governments and peoples across the middle east, there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. a clears to be rejection of these nihilistic ideologies. one thing we can all agree on is a group like isil has no place in the 21st century. murderer thought to be a british national, david cameron says there must not be a knee-jerk reaction, ruling out a ground operation. he says the u.k. will respond. >> it is time for what britain always shows in the circumstances, which is resolved. we have defeated terrorism, extremism, threats to our country before, and we will defeat them again if we show that resolved but also patients. muchrmany, after hesitation, is prepared to send weapons to help kurdish forces fight isis
permanently without going after the group in syria. finally, both u.s. health workers who were infected with ebola in liberia have been released from emory university hospital in atlanta after fighting off the potentially deadly virus. one of the victims can't brand play called it a miraculous day. he said he is thrilled to be a live and be reunited with his family. >> thanks very much, su keenan. automation, efficiency, accuracy. information technology infrastructures are run by automatic learning technology rather than by people. the idea comes from the founder and chief executive of ip soft. he joins me now. thank you for being here. give us an example of how learning technology can be applied to the world of business process outsourcing. >> that is very insightful. the fundamental question of that, when you are running your processes, they should be run by people. outcomes should be provided by robotic, automated process -- processes. the entire platform for delivery of these processes is shifting. it is shifting from people-based delivery to cognitive, agent-based delivery, so much
? thousands of miles away from iraq or syria where there are strongholds currently are. alarming words from defense secretary chuck hagel. have a listen to what he had to say. >> this is beyond anything that we've seen. we must prepare for everything. and the only way you do that is you take a cold steely hard look at it and get ready. >> and get ready. get ready for what? you know, he was asked, could they stage a 9/11 type attack. the concern that u.s. officials have of course, is that american who have gone to syria or iraq to fight with isis have passports they can possibly get back into the country. we know u.s. law enforcement already keeping their eye on several americans. there have been some arrests they believe have isis affiliations or isis type loyalties. the question, of course, is could they really carry off this type of attack. right now, the question perhaps for the pentagon more centrally is what are they going to do about isis in iraq and syria before they grab more territory, more power across the middle east. u.s. air strikes in iraq certainly going to continue. the door
and syria, the development of a caliphate with the isis organization in charge, is very much a threat to the united states, when you see them behead an american reporter, as they did today. that's obviously a terrible development. but magnify that a million times over, because that's what's in store for the rest of the world if we don't deal effectively with this crisis. >> is this hyperbole or is this right on the money? >> let's talk about mike morell in particular. he worked in the bush administration. but he was a cia director for obama. he is sounding the alarm because he was in a position to know, and a position to worry. he's in a position of responsibility and leadership. i think they're trying to sound the alarm to say, we take this to seriously. in fact, a couple of hours ago, secretary of defense chuck hagel was on television doing a briefing, and he said that isis is a threat unlike the world has ever seen before. so that then begs the question, what then are we going to do about it? and i think that the problem with the golf thing also is that the nation needs to be led t
.s. troops were sent in to syria in an attempt to retrieve foley and other american hostages held by isis militants. u.s. fighter jets provided cover for special operation forces and helicopters as they swarmed the compound in syria. intelligence agencies believed they had identified the location where the hostages were being held, special opes engaged in a gun battle with isis forces and quickly determined the hostages were not actually there. on wednesday, president obama said the united states would be relentless against isis in the wake of foley's murder. that same day, u.s. military announced 14 more air strikeses in northern iraq. officials say the military is now considering sending an additional 300 troops to the region. isis committed a barbaric act of terrorism against an american citizen and certainly we have an obligation to see that justice is done, but many are wondering just what this means moving forward in iraq, more troops and what will the air strikes do? and what kind of involvement will congress have on this? i am joined by kongwoman bacong barbara lee. i appreciate y
government. there could be as many as four or 500 british chi hotties fighting a rock and syria. some of them may return to the u.k.. -- british jihadhis finding any rock in syria. even if the perpetrators identified, what to do about them, you mentioned that report, u.s. special forces were not able to go in and get james foley and the other hostages out. what can be done about them? >> to u.s. aid workers who contracted ebola after working in africa have recovered after receiving an external drug. they were treating patients in liberia. the missionaries were treated with the drug before being airlifted to the hospital. ebola has killed 1350 people in west africa since march. >> we are joined from washington, d.c.. this experimental drug was used on both of these american patients. they also received blood transfusions. do we know anything about what cured them? >> that experimental drug was hailed as some kind of miracle cure when it was first used on the patients when they were back in liberia. the doctor who has been treating them at the hospital was effectively saying not so fast, don't
site inside syria, they ultimately came up empty. we know the president authorized this raid, now we have chuck hagel offering the first reaction to what happened. >> earlier this summer, the united states attempted to rescue a number of hostages including jim. we all regret that mission did not succeed. >> and the anger the condemnation of the islamic state group echoing across the american government, the highest levels today, and yesterday, david. >> mike, as you know, in the video members of the islamic state they plame the air strikes against them for them having to execute folly, what has been the reaction from the pent upon from the white house to those claims. >> the state department, yeah, we have some interesting reaction here, and first of all, earlier today, where a spokesperson there are some 12,000 foreign fighters inside of syria including a number of them who are are americans an undetermined number, they come from as many as 50 foreign countries. just moments ago, general dempsey stated what could be considered the obvious, and the only way to beat the state group, i
-term vision is the islamic state of iraq and al sham, al sham includes jordan, iraq, syria, and kuwait. if they were to achieve that vision, it would fundamentally alter the face of the middle east and create a security environment that would certainly threaten us in many ways. >> john, kevin. >> i know the president and you all talk about right now, it's iraq's responsibility to take control of their own country. >> right. >> but isn't the u.s. already at war with isis? >> are you looking at me? >> you're the general. >> do i look like a guy that would answer that question in front of -- the declaration of war is a policy decision, not a military decision. >> is there any estimate how much these operations in iraq have cost so far and considering you said isis is part of the long-term threat an you're organizing a long-term strategy, might you need to reshape your 2015 budget to accommodate for that? >> maybe. well, depending first of all, go back to the oko reference that i mentioned that we've already asked the congress in a separate fund, a counter-terrorism fund for $5 billion, ha
, crimea, north korea, whether it is what is unfolding so tragically in syria and iraq, whether it is the sahel, where you see vast territory under the control of islamists and foreign terrorist organizations, whether it is the ebola outbreak in africa, or cyber threats, the reality is a lot ia unfolding and feels like it is unfolding quicker, faster and more dangerously than ever before. i do not know if you have had the opportunity to read general flynn's outgoing interview but well worth taking 5 to 10 minutes to read some of his views. he was the head of the senate intelligence committee. the takeaway is this is certainly one of the most dangerous time in his lifetime in terms of an era of threats and compared it perhaps to world war ii where you have some of the most evil manifestations of what humanity has seen. it is worth looking at. i think accelerating all of this is this connection of technology, whether it is social media. you start seeing just how effective social media has been for our at the series to radicalize and recruit individuals, just look in syria and iraq
, iraq, syria and kuwait. if they were to achieve that vision, it would fundamentally altar the face of the middle east and create a security environment that would certainly threaten us. >> reporter: right now it's iraq's responsibility to take control of the drone country, but isn't the u.s. already at war with isis? >> are you looking at me? >> you're the general. >> the declaration of war is a policy decision, not a military decision. >> reporter: is there any estimate on how much the operations in iraq have cost so far? and considering isis is a long-term threat and you're organizing a long-term strategy, that you might need to reshape your 2016 budget to accommodate for that? >> maybe. well, depending, first of all, we'll go back to the reference that i mentioned, that we've already asked the congress in a separate fund, counter terrorism fund, $5 million of that is for the syria opposition, so you're constantly shaping a budget. and i assure the resources match the mission. and the mission and the resources match the threat. and it is -- it is a process that is void of the dyn
, iraq, syria and kuwait. if they were to achieve that vision it would fundamentally alter the face of the middle east and create a security environment that would certainly threaten us in many ways. >> i know the president and you all talk about right now it's iraq's responsibility to take control of their own country, but isn't the u.s. already at war with isis? >> are you looking at me? >> you're the general? >> do i look like a guy that would answer that question in front of the -- the declaration of war is a policy decision, not a military decision. >> is there any estimate of how much these operations in iraq have cost so far and you're organizing a long-term strategy, might you need to reshape your friend 15 budget to accommodate for that? >> maybe. >> well, depending, first of l all, i'll go back to the reference that i we've asked the congress for half a billion for the moderate syrian opposition. yes. you are constantly shaping a budget and it showed that resources matched the mission and the resources and the mission matched the threat and it isn't a process that is voi
. also have to talk about the secret mission where we're now learning inside of syria to rescue americans from isis terrorists. the only thing is that mission failed. and so now we are awaiting secretary of defense, speaking at the pentagon about exactly what happened on that night in syria. stay here. you're watching cnn. moderate to severe is tough, but i've managed. i got to be pretty good at managing my symptoms, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said my crohn's was not under control. he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatme
the militant appears to be one of several british terrorists who guarded hostages inside syria. the former prisoner says hostages had nicknamed the group the beatle. the officials say the u.s. sent special operations forces into syria this summer to try to rescue foley and other americans. but that they could not find the hostages. officials also say isis militants demanded a ransom for foley's release. more than $123 million. jennifer griffin has more. so we have our officials about to talk about this. have you heard any more about what we'll learn? >> reporter: well, harris, we have learned that it took place over the july 4th time frame. u.s. military sources tell me the special operations team that attempted the rescue were on the ground longer than they expected. when they got to first compound the hostages weren't there. there was evidence they had been there just days before i'm told. they extracted information at the first compound and decided to go to a second location where they got into a firefight. one u.s. aviator was injured. the intelligence leads for the operation came from
to rescue american hostages in syria including 40-year-old photojournalist james foley, but they came up empty. blackhawk helicopters dropped two dozen commandos as an isis- held oil refinery in northern syria. one u.s. commando was injured in a firefight before the team flew to safety. no hostages were found. >> now they know that we may make an attempt to go after hostages so they will better protect them. >> reporter: the obama administration revealed the mission a day after militants posted a video of foley's beheading. in the video, the group threatens the life of another captured american journalist steven sotloff. president obama promised justice for foley as the u.s. launched new strikes against isis targets in northern iraq. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. >> reporter: craig boswell cbs news, the white house. >> and there's now growing concern that isis may attack the u.s. >>> video is surfacing showing the events just before the moments a st. louis police officer kills a ma
military attempt to free the americans last month failed. it happened in eastern syria and it was based on human intel, not satellite images or intercepted phone calls. u.s. special forces came under heavy fire only to determine that the hostages have already been moved. this is the first time that we know of that the u.s. has boots on the ground inside the syrian conflict. the white house is looking for justice for journalist james foley who was beheaded by isis. we're going to play just a few seconds of the video so you can get a taste of what intel officers are using to learn more about the man who killed him. take a listen. >> this is james foley, an american citizen of your country. >> you can clearly hear his british accent in that video. experts are scrambling to analyze the video to determine if this is one of the 400 brits that have gone to syria or, worse, a former gitmo detainee. we are also hearing from a french journalist who was held hostage with foley for seven months. >> james foley was probably my best cellmate during our months of captivity together. james was just gre
at the mosul dam. islamic state deheaded james foley, and the u.s. tried to rescue him and others in syria. eric holder has this to say about the murder. >> we have an open criminal investigation, and those who perpetrate such acts need to understand something. this justice department, this department of defense, this nation. we have long memories and our reach is very wide. we will not forget what happened. and people will be held accountable. one way or the other. >> now from washington d.c., patty, we're learning more about james foley's time in captivity. and do we know if there was a ransom demand? >> well, it's interesting, the islamic state said before beheading him that this was retribution for the airstrikes, but we're finding out that james foley's family was contacted and they said they would get their son back if they would come up with $7 million. and the family hinted at this yesterday. on wednesday, they said that the president could have done more, and other countries have laid the groundwork. we have seen other hostages held by the islamic state released after the ransom w
. ,> joining us live from irbil iraq. thank you. u.s. forces set foot in syria earlier this summer as far -- as part of a failed operation to save an american journalist held by islamic state militants. phil mattingly joins me now. --st on this record is rescue operation, what went wrong? >> the hostages were not there. u.s. officials we have spoken to over the last 24 hours have said they felt the intelligence was good. it was coming from multiple streams. because of that, they deployed more than two dozen military assets, including drones, fixed wing aircraft and modified helicopters for the attack. when they arrived, the islamic militants were there and fighting ensued, but there were no u.s. hostages. james foley was one of the individuals targeted in this, the u.s. journalist who was executed two days ago. a video was shown to dub days ago. also worth noting there were other americans targeted -- two days ago. also worth noting, there were other americans targeted. it is not known whether those in visuals are still alive or if there is a plan to do things going forward. >> have there
mission, a rescue mission in syria in the sands of northern syria this summer, probably near raqqa that failed to bring home joseph foley. they battled their way to this oil refinery where they hoped to find foley and perhaps other americans held by isis. james foley is now dead. his shocking execution having stirred both deep concern and anger among americans. speaking of anger, what about this? the story out today says ransoms paid by european governments to isis are one of the terror group's biggest sources of income. so that's where they're getting their money, they're getting it from ransoms, from governments. i want you to listen. this is an interview from erin burnett "outfront." >> kidnappings are working. the al-qaeda affiliates have raised at least $125 million from kidnappings in the last five years, $60 million alone last year. france denies it, germany, spain, other countries. they pay ransoms. there were journalists from france and spain who were held with foley by the islamic state. ransoms were paid for them. they're home safe now. jim foley is dead. >> at one time,
of a number of hostages held in syria, including jim foley. that mission did not succeed. but i am very proud of the u.s. forces that participated in it. and the united states will not relent our efforts to bring our citizens home and their captors to justice. jim foley's murder was another tragic demonstration of the --hless, barbaric ideology militants continue to massacre and slay innocent people and shiacute minority sunni, and kurdish populations. given the nature of the threat, at president obama posture and and at the request of the iraqi government, the u.s. military has provided assistance to iraqi security forces in order to protect u.s. personnel and facilities. and support iraq's efforts to isil.r american air strikes and assistance helped kurdish forces slow isil's advance. where american troops are working and help the iraqis take --mosuul dam.ld it prevented the iraqi government from writing critical services to its citizens. the united states led an international effort to address the humanitarian crisis that unfolded at mount sanchar. to be an acute humanitarian need elsewher
it sent a special operations team to rescue several hostages in syria including foley but failed to do so. fox news's jennifer griffin has been following the story. jennifer, more have we learned. and how it went down? >> melissa, this happened in july 4th time frame. u.s. military sources, that special operations team that attempted the rescue were on the ground longer than they expected. when they got to the first compound the hostages weren't there. there was evidence they had been there just days before i'm told. they extracted information at the first compound and decided to go to second location where they got into a firefight. one u.s. aviator was injured. intelligence leads came from interviews with two spanish and four french hostages released this spring. they described where the american hostages were held in eastern syria near the town of raca. they were held by british jihadists. the executioner in the video speaks with a south london accent. here is iraq's ambassador to the united states. >> we know for a fact that in syria and iraq, more europeans are on the ground. we capt
this spring. they described where the american hostages were being held in eastern syria. they said they were being held by british jihadist. the executioner in the video speaks with a south london accent. >> we know for a fact that in syria and in iraq more european are there on the ground. we capture, we see the video and twitter and everything else. so e we know for a fact there are european passport holders who are jihadists. this is a tourist destination. we need to fight that. >> there are at least three more americans being held by isis right now, gretchen. >> we have heard so much about this ransom. that started trickling out last night. what more do you know about that today? >> the captors reportedly had been asking for more than $100 million for foley's release but the u.s. government wouldn't negotiate. they said they were angry about air strikes in iraq. they sent his parents a rant via e-mail suggesting they would kill foley in response. here's what foley's employer told fox and friends this morning. >> we had all the appropriate communication you would imagine, and we hoped the
to rescue american hostages being held by the terror group isis in syria. including journalist james foley, who was beheaded in a shocking video this week. the pentagon says forces swarmed a compound and had a fierce gun battle with isis fighters. the american forces determined the hostages were not there and left. in the same gruesome video that showed foley's beheading, the group threatened to kill another journalist, steven sotloff, if president obama doesn't end the military operations in iraq. consider that highly unlikely since the state department has requested up to 300 additional troops to help secure u.s. facilities in baghdad. joining me now is bobby goesh. bobby, let's start with this attempt to make a lot of americans not even aware of the mass kidnapping of westerners. why is isis kidnapping westerners? what do you think is the goal? >> isis condemns anybody of value, not just westerners. they are actually holding nearly 80 journalists. the mass majority of them are local people. this is one of their primary sources or it was, until recently, one of their primary sources of i
a rescue attempt inside of syria, but the mission was unsuccessful. and the hostages were not at the targeted location. >location. in new hampshire, an outpouring of grief by james foley's parents, mourning the murder of their son. >> we believe our country is a great country. jim was a great american, and he believed in the very best of our country. >> he was terrific, people with die in lots of different ways, but this was the most horrific, and it haunts me that he -- how much pain he was in. >> those feelings echoed across the atlantic as officials investigating whether his executioner is one of their own. >> without any justification, we have not identified the individual responsible from the video. but from what we have seen, it looks increasingly like that it is a british citizen. and this is deeply shocking. >> also, foley's employer reveals that his parents were contacted by the islamic state, and they received a chilling message. >> by wednesday night of last week, the foley family received an email from the kidnappers that was full of rage against the united sta
killed a u.s. civilian -- i beg your pardon -- a u.s. civilian in syria, you have to remember isis doesn't consider syria and iraq to be separate countries. as far as they're concerned, they've set up this new state, the islamic state, the caliphate. so for what has taken place, there's a real feeling that now the united states, yes, they need to increase air strikes. we've heard that from iraq's foreign minister, but there needs to be more involvement to defeat isis, because at the moment, they are just pushing them back and holding them at bay. if they're going to eliminate the cancer of isis, which is what president obama said after the death of james foley yesterday, well, then, they need to be far more involved. >> anna coren, thank you very much. >>> back to the story here in ferguson. eyewitnesses, of course, key to determining what happened between michael brown and officer darren wilson, but who can we believe when the stories are so different? >>> plus, the nation's only black governor reacts to the shooting and the violence. governor deval patrick's emotional response. that's
in the white house that they were surprised about the quick spread of isis from syria to iraq. and if it were laid over the map illinois to virginia, they were surprised that about that. they were not surprised about the hostages, early this summer the president authorized and special forces tried to rescue foley and others held in syria. they landed on the ground in syria behind enemy lines and engaged in a fierce fire fight and unable to find the people. apparently they were not there. they have done everything they could to save these guys. but there is no question that we are behind the curve when it comes to confronting the threat of the middle east and the u.s. home land represented by isis. >> and the president came in office largely because of his opposition of the war in iraq and promising to wind down the war in afghanistan and apparently the pentagon is talking about putting more boots on the ground to stem the isis crisis in iraq. the president clearly cannot be happy about that, and yet, he's using words like relentless and vigilant in this effort he said in the new's conference
the turkey/syria border. is there any additional intelligence emerging about mr. sotloff's condition or where he's being held? >> not about sotloff in particular. we know that there are between 20 and 30 different foreign hostages. there are believed to be at least three americans and sotloff only is one of them. that they've been held for a long time. other european hostages have been sold off for ransoms, giving the group isis millions of dollars. u.s. -- the u.s. is a policy generally doesn't pay those ransoms. and that the militant group isis decided to kill foley after the united states began to launch air strikes in northern iraq against isis positions and against isis fighters. those air strikes are continuing, and if you believe the statement from isis, they will kill sotloff if the air strikes are not stopped. so it is certainly a very troubling situation for mr. sofloff, for his family and for the u.s. special operation forces that are still looking for them. we know there was a raid in early july that tried to rescue foley and other hostages and this was a very daring mission. it w
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